Photo Sessions


Daylight Photography is the most popular service and the go-to for a standard listing. It alone can boost the traction of an online listing by a large margin. This sort of a booking is made anytime between 9am and 4pm on a weekday. The photographer will make their way through the home noting the best rooms and angles to photograph, either on their own or with the leading agent, to see how best we can work with the brief. 




Twilight / Dusk Photography is another popular service, often reserved for the premium listings or the vendors that want to hit the ground running. These photoshoots are booked from 5pm onward and take an exclusive priority as we only lock-in one per day. All services required for the home are carried out as the light dims and the sun sets. When the light is suitable, the photographer sets up the camera and begins to work their magic on the home.